PROVA! is a tool developed by the HPWC Group of the University of Basel. The idea behind the project is to promote reproducibility: it's a hard task to get reproducible research. Scientists using PROVA! can concentrate on the core of their research. One of the main task the tool can do is to always provide a clean environment for your experiments, keeping track of it: this way you are always sure to have full control of what's happening behind the lines.

The command line interface (soon available here) is a little bit complex, since it accepts several parameters. For this reason we also developed a Web Application (soon available here).

Video Tutorial


We tried to minimize dependencies and install the needed software in a subfolder of the tool. Anyway, some software still needs to be present on the machine before the installation can start.

Self installed dependencies

Web Application:

System dependencies



Web Application

The Web Application can be installed on each machine you want to act as a web front-end for the tool. Supposedely it is installed on a machine reachable from the world. You don't necessarely need to install it, since we provide a running server. Anyway if you want to run your own server, please enter in contact with us in order to download the source code.

Command Line Tool

This part of the tool is the most important one: every time a command is issued by the web interface, it is translated to a command executed via ssh on a target machine. It is the core of PROVA! You should install it on a front-end machine that satisfies the requirements. To install it you msut clone it and place in the path where you want it to be installed ($BENCHROOT), source the available in /util and then type:
workflow install
Such command will install the dependencies in the folder $BENCHROOT/software. Then you are ready to use it!
To obtain the source code, please enter in contact with us.